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What is XAPK File

XAPK is a file used to deliver Android apps to the Android devices. Typically, Android installation package is stored in the APK file which is downloaded from Google Play store when application is purchased. Same is true which application is downloaded outside of the Google Play store from a website or some other sources. APK file is typically enough. But in cases when app size is bigger than 100MB it is not possible to install it using only APK file. To make it simpler to download such apps from the websites or share them in the cloud XAPK file format was introduced. The idea of XAPK is very simple: it contains APK and OBB files in compressed form. And instead of downloading multiple files you just need to download one and extract it either in PC or your mobile device.

There are many websites which support XAPK file format. If you encounter XAPK file and need to install it there are several ways how you can install it.

  • Use XAPK installer app. There are multiple XAPK installer apps which do the extraction and installation for you with the most popular being XAPK installer from After installing XAPK Installer app all you need to do to install XAPK file is to copy it to your device and open it with XAPK installer. XAPK installer will extract APK and OBB file from the XAPK archive and place it to the correct spots on your device.
  • On mobile device: copy XAPK file to your device. Change its extension to ZIP. Unzip the archive by following these instructions from Google. Then follow instructions on how to install XAPK (local link) on mobile device.
  • On a PC: download XAPK file to the PC. Change XAPK extension to ZIP. Download WinRAR and extract archive contents using it. Copy both APK and OBB files to your device. Then follow instructions on how to install XAPK (local link) on mobile device.
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XAPK Quick Info
Compressed Android Package File
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  XAPK Installer
  Google Android