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XAPK File Installation Instructions

XAPK file contains installation and configuration files necessary to install an app to Android device. All information which might be required during install is usually located install XAPK file. XAPK files are typically larger than 100MB because for apps smaller than 100MB APK files could be used.

When extracted XAPK files contain APK file and folder with up to two OBB files. APK file contains installation code and instructions on how to install an app, while OBB files contain additional resources and data of the application such as images, videos, etc. Usually, XAPK file contains two OBB files:

  • Main OBB file which contains resources updated rarely. This OBB file is rarely updated.
  • Patch OBB file which contains resources updated frequently. This OBB is used to deliver updated to the applications.

XAPK File Installation Instructions

Open XAPK file for automatic install on Android

  • Download XAPK Installer app available on Google Play store. While there are many different XAPK installer apps available the most popular one is from

Open XAPK file for manual install on Android

  • Copy XAPK file to your Android device or download the XAPK file from your mobile browser
  • Change XAPK file extension to ZIP
  • Unzip the resulting ZIP file using Files for Android app
  • In the extracted files find APK files and tap on it. Tap on "Install" button and proceed with the installation.
  • Copy OBB file to the /android/obb// folder

Open XAPK file for manual install on Windows

Please note that you will not be able to install XAPK file on Windows, except only on Android emulation software such as Bluestacks. But if you need to get access to certain files inside the XAPK file you can still do it on Windows OS. Below are steps on how to extract XAPK file on Windows OS:

  • Change XAPK file extension to ZIP
  • Double click on the resulting ZIP file and if decompression program is installed on your Windows OS you will see contents of the file
  • If decompression program is not installed, you can download one from WinZip or WinRar. After it is downloaded and installed double click on the ZIP file again and it should open.

Inside the XAPK archive you will find APK and OBB files. All of them are also compressed using ZIP compression and you can open them using the same steps above.

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