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DMG File

DMG file is a disk image file format. DMG files could be mounted to the device file system and files inside them easily accessed by the user. DMG files could be used to store compressed backups of the disks or serve as an installation package. Most frequently DMG files are used by Mac OS to distribute applications to end users.

DMG files contain file system information in Universal Disk Image Format (UDIF) or the New Disk Image Format (NDIF). The best way to access information inside the DMG file on Mac OS is by clicking on the DMG file. If DMG file is an installation file you will see it open and an application file inside of it will be show next to the Applications folder. In order to install the application file, you just need to drag it to the Applications folder. It DMG file is only a disk image it will mount it to the local file system and show the files inside it. You will also see mounted DMG file on the left sidebar in the Finder.

If DMG file was downloaded from the web Mac OS will display a warning message asking if you really want to open the file in question. Click "Open" if you know that the file is safe. In some cases, there may not be an "Open" button on the warning message. In this case you will need to click a right mouse button on the DMG file and select "Open" in the popup menu. This will open the DMG file.

To create your own DMG file you can use Disk Utility. In order to create it choose File->New Image->Blank Image. When DMG image file is successfully created you can open (mount) it and copy files to it as a regular folder. When creating the DMG file with Disk Utility it is recommended to use APFS or HFS+ file formats to make sure that DMG file will be supported by most recent Mac OS operating system versions.

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