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Android App Bundle

App bundle is a way of deploying an Android app to Google Play store users without building an APK file. Instead of creating an APK file developer can build an Android app bundle from the Android Studio.

Deployment via Android App Bundle is only possible if your app bundle size is less than 150MB. If you try to upload an Android App Bundle which is bigger than 150MB to the Play console, it will report an error.

Deploying via Android App Bundle is quite similar to deploying via APK but in case of Android App Bundle you will not be able to deploy your application directly to users instead they will need to download your app via Google Play Store. Google Play Store will automatically build and sign the APK file and deliver it to users.

Android App Bundle may be beneficial to APK file in certain cases because Google Play will optimize the download and only deliver the files necessary for the specific device. That save developers quite a lot of time as they do not need to create multiple APK files to different kind of devices in order to optimize download speed and app performance.

When using Android App Bundle, it is also possible to enable Play Feature Delivery functionality which allows for certain libraries to be downloaded only when they are needed by the users thus further saving space on user devices and optimizing performance. Same is also possible for game resources and asset delivery. In order to deliver resources on demand developer need to enable Play Asset Delivery and necessary resources and assets will automatically be downloaded when needed by the application.

Android App Bundle does not support OBB extension files. In order to use OBB you need to switch to delivering via APK+OBB files.

For more information about how to deliver your app as Android App Bundle refer to About Android App Bundles article on Android Developers.

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