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XAPK Validation and Installation Errors

XAPK Validation Failed

"XAPK Validation Failed" is a typical error which occurs for some user who try to install XAPK installation package to their Android system. There could be multiple causes which result in this error. Each XAPK file consists of APK file, multiple OBB files and manifest.json. If one of the files is missing from the XAPK file or manifest.json is missing or is incorrectly formatted you can get the "XAPK Validation Failed" error.

In order to fix this error, you can either try to redownload XAPK file from your source location or try to extract XAPK file on your PC or Android device and check the file formatting yourself. Make sure that manifest.json is in place and that it has correct information in it according to XAPK Manifest article. Make sure that APK and OBB files are located inside the XAPK file. Once you done with the changes compress the files to the XAPK file again and try installing.

If the error persists you can manually install files from the XAPK file.

Sometimes this error can be causes by missing "Storage permissions". To fix it go to Settings->Installed Apps->{App name} and give it "Storage permissions". After it try installing and running it again.

XAPK Missing File

"XAPK Missing File" error could happen when APK of OBB file is missing from the XAPK file. It can also happen when manifest.json file contains incorrect location for the OBB file. In order to fix the error you can either redownload the correct XAPK file or try to fix the one that you have. Please note that if the APK, OBB file is missing from the XAPK file you will not be able to fix it. But if manifest.json specifies incorrect OBB file location it is quite easy to fix by extracting the XAPK file and manually updating manifest.json with the correct OBB file location.

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