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PKG file

PKG file is a file extension used to store installation data by multiple file formats. PKG files contain compressed files and other information necessary to install a certain component or an application to the certain device operated by an operating system. Different PKG formats are designed specifically for an operating system they can be installed on.

PKG and DMG files for Mac OS

PKG together with DMG are two most popular installation file formats for Mac OS operating systems. The difference between these file formats is that PKG can contain specific pre- and post- installation scripts to be executed while DMG file can contain only an app to be copied to the Applications folder. When user clicks on DMG file it will be automatically mounted to the file system and files inside it shown to a user with suggestion to copy the app inside to the Applications folder. When user clicks on PKG file the script inside will automatically launch and perform all installation operations coded into it (including but not limited to copying the files).

Extract PKG file

PKG file is based on a ZIP compression file format and could be easily extracted if necessary. It is important to know that extracted version of PKG could not be used for installation purposed on Mac OS since it knows how to process installation scripts inside the PKG file. To extract contents of the PKG file you should change its extension to ZIP and double click on it. Mac OS archive utility will start and decompress the archive contents into the same folder. You can also use unpkg utility ( for this purpose.

Symbian OS

PKG files were used by Symbian OS to package executable SIS files and instructions on how to install them on a device operated by Symbian.

Sony Playstation

PKG files are used by Sony Playstation devices to deliver updates. PKG files for Sony Playstation is platform specific and requires custom tools for unpacking and repacking.

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