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XAPK Manifest File

Each XAPK file contains multiple files which are required to correctly install the Android application. Files inside the XAPK file are installed by XAPK installer application which decompressed the XAPK file and copies files in it to correct locations. To correctly process files inside the XAPK the XAPK installer reads manifest.json file which also needs to be located inside the XAPK file.

XAPK manifest.json needs to be structured in a specific way and be in JSON format to be processed correctly.

Below are fields supported by manifest.json:

  • xapk_version: Version of the XAPK file format. Typically 1.
  • package_name: Package ID of the application which was assigned to the app by developer.
  • name: Name of the Android application
  • version_code: Numerical representation of the application version
  • version_name: String representation of the application version
  • min_sdk_version: Minimum Android SDK version required by the application to correctly function
  • target_sdk_version: Target Android SDK version required by the application to correctly function
  • permissions: Permissions on the Android device required by the application. Multiple permissions could be requested.
  • Expansions: List of the expansion files for the Android application. Up to two expansion files could be placed in the list. One file should be main and another should be patch.

Below is a template of manifest.json file which could be used as a guideline for formatting your own XAPK file:


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