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JOBB and Jobbifier Tools

If you are a developer and need to create Opaque Binary Blob (OBB) files for your Android application, you have to either use an official JOBB tool from Android developer's portal or use a GUI version of it called Jobbifier.

JOBB tool

JOBB tool is a utility provided by Google to create encrypted or unencrypted OBB files for Android devices. You can also use it to extract content from encrypted or unencrypted OBB files to the specified folder.

JOBB tool is capable of creating OBB files which can act as Main and Patch OBB files for an app. Main OBB is not supposed to be updated and should contain the app resources which are never updated. Patch OBB can be updated with app updates and should contain resources which are frequently updated. Use -ov option in the JOBB tool to specify whether to create Main or Patch file.

For more details and instructions refer to the Official JOBB Tool manual.


Jobbifier is a GUI version of JOBB tool which allows you to perform all the same actions done by JOBB tool. When you open Jobbifier tool you will see a dialog prompting to enter the following data:

  • Input folder. Folder with files to be placed to the OBB file.
  • Output location. Location of the output OBB file.
  • Package name. Name of the package to use when writing out OBB file.
  • Package version. Version of the package to use when writing out OBB file.
  • Use password or not. Specify if you want to use the password when writing out OBB file.
  • Main or Patch file type. Select the type of the OBB file. OBB file could be either Main or Patch. Use Main OBB file to store content which changes infrequently and place the content you want to update frequently to the Patch file.

Once you enter all fields in the Jobbifier GUI click the "Create OBB" button to proceed with OBB file creation process.

For more details and instructions refer to Jobbifier tool.

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