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How to create XAPK file

To create XAPK file you need to have all files necessary to install the Android application. This typically includes APK file, one or two OBB files, and an application icon in PNG file format.

XAPK file could not be created if you are missing some files from the installation. Application will not be able to start after installing.

Once you have all app components ready you should put them into the correct locations. Below are steps you should use to create XAPK file.

  • Create a folder where you are going to put all your application components. Let's assume that we named this folder XAPK_Install
  • Put APK file in the XAPK_Install folder (do not put APK file in subfolders). Make sure that APK file is named as ${ApplicationId}.apk where ${ApplicationId} is an Android Application package name.
  • Create Android folder inside your XAPK_Install folder. Inside the Android folder create obb folder.
  • Inside the obb folder create ${ApplicationId} folder where ${ApplicationId} is an Android Application package name. Place OBB files from your application to this folder. Make sure that you do not have more than two OBB files in this folder and that the OBB files are named correctly. They should be named as main.${versionCode}.${ApplicationId}.obb and patch.${versionCode}.${ApplicationId}.obb
  • Copy icon.png file with your Android application icon to the XAPK_Install folder
  • Create manifest.json file and format it according to the XAPK Manifest file format rules. Make sure that you put correct OBB file location and package_version in the manifest.json. Also check that permissions, versions, and SDK are specified correctly. Incorrectly formatted manifest.json will cause XAPK installation to fail or will place installation files to the wrong locations.
  • Compress XAPK_Install folder using ZIP compression application (you can use any that you have available).
  • Your XAPK file is ready to be installed.
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